On Submission


N.B. Specific calls for contributions reserve the right to demand different formats and conditions, in which case those of the specific call apply.

Please include the COVERPAGE with abstract and full contribution submissions.

All submissions should be sent to contour@epfl.ch.  Files that are too heavy to be sent by email should be sent either as a DropBox link or using another file transfer service (example: WeTransfer.com)

Scientific Article
First submission: Abstract (500 words) Accepted contribution: Long paper (3000 – 5000 words)

Non-verbal Contribution
First submission: One image, sound or short video (10 seconds) being the author’s original work, accompanied by a sentence
Accepted contribution: Visual or other material, being the author’s original work (image, drawing, map, diagram, video, animation, sound) accompanied by 500 words text. See minimum quality requirements for non-verbal material.

First submission: One image of the diagram and a short written description (500 words)
Accepted contribution: same format, in accordance with editors’ recommendations

Visual Dossier
First submission: 10 images and a short written description (500 words) Accepted contribution: 10 to 25 images and a short written description (500 words); quality defined in the minimum quality requirements for non-verbal material

Encyclopedic Entry
First submission: Term and an initial attempt at a definition
Accepted submission: Term plus one or several definitions according to editors’ recommendations

Free contributions
First submission: Abstract (500 words)

Minimum quality requirements for the non-verbal material:

  • images, diagrams: min 2000 pixels wide or a vector file
  • video, animation: avi, mov or mp4 format, HD 1080p (1920x1080px)
  • sound: mp3 format, min 128kbit/s


General Conditions

Languages: Contour has English and French as its working languages. Contributions written in other languages are accepted as long as they are accompanied by a rigorous translation into either French or English.

Formatting of references and bibliographies

Please follow the guidelines of the APA 6th edition for in text citations and bibliographies (apastyle.org). Most bibliographic software (Zotero, Endnote, etc.) include this format.

Conditions for submission

The submission of a contribution to Contour is required to be is the author’s original work and to respect an ethical use of references by stating accurately the authors and origins of the works cited. Submission generically implies the tacit acceptance of exclusivity in both submission and publication in whole or in part. However, In Contour we encourage the circulation and sharing of knowledge and, for this reason, we may consider the publication of work that has been published or diffused by the authors before, such as master thesis or PhD dissertation, articles published in non-peer reviewed journals or books and which might have been subject to rewriting, alteration and general improvement. Regarding self-plagiarism, Contour does not consider self-plagiarism to quote or cite full paragraphs of literature reviews by the same authors if properly indicated and referenced. Authors are limited to submitting a single contribution per type of format for each thematic call. Authors may simultaneously submit separate contributions in different formats to a maximum of three.

Publication Ethics

Publishing an article in a peer-review journal is contributing to the collective building of human knowledge. In accordance with its intention of safeguarding the highest standards of ethical behavior with regards to publishing, Contour follows ‘the guide for ethical editing’ by the Committee of Publication Ethics. The submission of a contribution to Contour implies the acceptance of the ethical code for research as stated in the Ethics Chart of the EPFL and the Section 3 “Rules regarding publication and authorship “of the Directive concerning research integrity and good scientific practice at EPFL (LEX 3.3.2).